Sunday, November 21, 2010

Turning to the Internet more to watch TV movies

Canceled cable service and found another way to keep up with your favorite shows: on the Internet. We were already a long time on a large part of the online content quick survey of media sites allowed the United States to determine whether they were more interested in shows can be viewed on the Internet

More Americans watch video on their computers, more sites in the presentation of free movies and TV. Consumers to take advantage of this to eliminate cable TV or satellite and integrate with home entertainment network. Raise the video on the Internet is increasing.

Internet users in the United States saw record online videos $ 14.3 billion in December, up 13 percent from the previous month, according to statistics firm comScore, the Internet marketing research firm.YouTube famous this growth, accounting for half of the additional gains in the video.

Internet TV services such as Hulu, Joost, veoh also stop feeding a new generation of technology for sophisticated users in search of cheap access to video content. Add to the group of players like Netflix which Roku loft provides more than 12,000 video playback and those who were with LG Electronics to include devices with a new TV - Online TV options are sufficient to justify the participation in the service of life.Web

TV content is still limited. But Joost and sweet ABC series may appear preferred or rebroadcast programs from sites will not be a football game flow games or new episodes such as" and the delegation accompanying him. "For people used to a large

TV with surround sound to watch movies on a 11-inch computer screen can be unsatisfactory viewing experience. Technical problems. wampler, Cirque du Soleil technical problem with the outcome of the presidential election on his computer in November


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